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My training in Resources, Environment, and Sustainability (Ph.D. 2016) compliments my earlier academic training in Zoology (M.Sc., 2000) and Computer Science (B.Sc. 1992). This diverse, multi-disciplinary background is ideally complemented by over 30 years of consulting experience which has included extensive research design and field work in coastal systems, data preparation and analysis, and technical and scientific writing. Through this combination of academic ruminations and real-world experience delivering projects to meet client’s needs, I have a substantial tool set to bring to bear on a range of ecological, management, and policy questions


Doctor of Philosophy, 2016. Resources, Environment, and Sustainability, University of British Columbia.

Master of Science, 2000. Zoology, University of British Columbia.

Bachelor of Science, 1992. Computer Science (Co-op), Simon Fraser University.


Principal, SciTech Environmental Consulting, Vancouver, British Columbia (2002 – present)

Adjunct Professor, Institute of Resources, Environment, and Sustainability, University of British Columbia (2017 – present) 

Co-chair, Nearshore Habitat Working Group. Sponsored by DFO-Science (established 2006)

British Columbia Registered Professional Biologist #1442 (2002 - 2010)

Member of the Society for Marine Mammology since 2001

Board Member, Pacific Analysis and Research Association (PacMARA) (2004 – 2020)

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